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Dock jumping for dogs is fast becoming one of America's most popular outdoor events! Pets complete for distance, diving from a dock into a 40 foot pool. No other outdoor event brings families and people together better or puts more smiles on faces than Splash Dog events. Proud pet owners travel to these events from all over the region to compete. It's an incredible new sport that everyone loves!

Splash Dogs was founded by Tony Reed after discovering that his beloved Black Labrador, Sierra, took to the water like a fishÉa flying fish! Sierra is not only Tony's best friend but also a big hit on the Splash Dog circuit, jumping distances of only 15 ft. Not bad for a 9 year old ole lady!!!

Now, Splash Dog events are delighting thousands throughout the United States with many events in the Western United States.

Splash Dogs has also been featured on local television stations across the US and other Animal Planet.

Tony Reed - 600 Bailey Road, Suite 400 - Pittsburg, CA - P. 925-783-6149 http://www.creativeanswer.com