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Orange County Pet Expo Dock Jumping Challenge
Costa Mesa, CA
4/11 - 4/13

Splash Dogs was excited to be back at the America’s Family Pet Expo on April 11 – 13, 2008! And from the size of the crowds, the specators were happy to see us back! This time around, Canidae and Splash Dogs joined forces to make this event even better than before! Canidae made their presence in the Splash Dogs venue known, by handing out specator prizes and holding competitor drawings throughout the weekend as well as providing prizes for the top placements in all Divisional Finals. Canidae really stood by one of Splash Dog's favorite mottos, “Everyones a Winner!”.

The weekend kicked off with some friendly competition, as a few handlers competed against each other to see who was going to handle Henry (the #1 dock diving dog in the country) in the Pro Finals on Sunday. With handlers like David Drake, Brian Sardo, Craig Haverstick and newcomer Perry Collier at the realm, it was definitely going to be a factor of handling skills. In the end only one handler could take the spot with Henry and Craig Haverstick was the chosen one. As the weekend progressed, the top spots in the Pro Finals running order began to fill out, Craig Haverstick and Henry 25’08”, Thanh Nguyen and Kona 24’10”, Christy Drake and Salix 23’08” and Stacie Enriquez and Makena 23’04”.

Saturday afternoon the Super Vertical competition took center stage, with Lap Dog competitors Bubbles, Twiztid and Vandal giving the crowds a taste of the newest dock sensation, “Mini Super Vertical”. The crowds enjoyed the warm up and were raring to go when the Super Vertical dogs made their way to the dock. Newcomers Kia and Savvy, joined the list of dogs now making strides in the sport and both made an amazing debut starting in at 5 feet and going all the way up and over the 6 foot mark.

As we went on into the evening hours, Super Vertical was still center stage when Mark Stuart and Hogan hit a new personal best of 7 feet! At 8 1/2 yrs old, Hogan achieved a feat not many other Senior dogs could dream of accomplishing. The BIG NEWS in Super Vertical, Melissa Ness and Stryker do it again, they set a new Splash Dogs World Record of 7’ 6”! Stryker and Melissa Ness have been tearing up the Super Vertical competition for several years now and this dog is truly on top of his game!

On Sunday, things warmed back up as the Lap Dog and Junior Handler Finals began. Melissa Ness and Bubbles took the Lap Dog Division with a top jump of 15’01”, Vandal and Ally Kinley tried to close the gap and came out in 2nd place at 12’09”. In our Junior Handler Finals, Tigger and Nicholas Cordiero of Perris, CA took 1st place with a top jump of 17’08” and newcomer Cori Kruml and her dog Rudy took 2nd.

In our Open Finals, Perry Collier and Parker lead the way. Parker hit his first Pro level jumps in the Open Finals, 20’04” securing 1st place! Parker and Perry had some great company in the Open Finals, with Junior Handler winner Nicholas Cordiero and Tigger 18’07”, Brian Sardo and Maximus 17’07” and Will Carsten and Gaea hitting 17’04.

All eyes were on the dock as the Pro Finals began! Brian Sardo and Gunner made an attempt at making the top 4 with a 22’11” jump, however it wasn’t enough. With the likes of Salix and Christy Drake, Shari and Nevada and Kia and Charlene Cordiero, it would take at least a 23 foot jump to end up in the final four. In the end, Salix and Christy Drake rocked the dock with a 24’ jump, Shari Robinson and Nevada followed with a 23’09” and Craig Haverstick and Henry with 23’04” rounded out the top three in the Pro Finals.

The Orange County Pet Expo was a great event for Splash Dogs, with huge spectator crowds, full waves and enough smiles to go around, we'd like to send a special thanks to all of our competitors and crew for making this an event to remember!

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