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Classes, Divisions and Titles

Splash Dogs has developed two classes of competition for our competitors, Open and Lap Dog classes. The Open class is for any dog no matter their size, breed or experience. The Lap Dog class allows dogs less than 16.00" at the withers to compete against dogs in the same height range. Each Class of competition will have its own Event Finals, unless there are not enough Lap Dogs to form a Final (at least two). Each Class of competition allows participants to earn titles based on their jump scores, the Lap Dog Class has its own division scale.

Open Class Divisions
Splash Dogs has developed the following Divisions for the Open Class.

Splash0'1" to 9'11"SD
Junior10'0" to 14'11"JD
Senior15'0" to 17'11"SRD
Semi Pro18'0" to 20'11"SPD
Pro21'0" to 23'11"PD
Extreme24'0" and aboveED

Lap Dog Class Divisions
Splash Dogs has developed the following Divisions for the Lap Dog Class of competition. This class of competition is for dogs 16 inches or less at the withers (shoulder). Lap Dog measurement must be approved by Splash Dog official. In the event that there are not enough Lap Dogs to host a Lap Dog Final at an event, the Lap Dog competito may be inclued in the Open Class Event Finals.

Splash0'1" to 4'11"Lap-SPD
Junior5'0" to 8'11"Lap-JD
Senior9'0" to 12'11"Lap-SRD
Pro13'0" to 17'11"Lap-PD
Extreme18'0" and aboveLap-ED

Earning Titles
Within each Splash competition, a Team may earn one leg toward a Division Title based on their longest jump score. A Title is earned by accumulating five legs within one division, (prior to January 1, 2008 required four legs). If a Team competes in the Finals, they will also earn one division leg based on their longest Finals jump score. Additional title or medal levels have been added to allow teams to continue to accomplish new titles and goals as they continue to compete with Splash Dogs; Bronze (10 jumps within a division) Silver(25 jumps within a division) Gold(50 jumps within a division) and Platinum (100 jumps within a division). Once a title has been earned, the Team may be referred to by its Title and the appropriate initials can be added to the end of the dog's name. Once a team achieves a medal level, the team may add the hypphenated letter after their divisional title (-B for Bronze, -S for Silver, -G for Gold, -P for Platinum.

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